The real estate industry is changing everyday. Some business models are all about recruiting agents, having brokers making essentially nothing while saying “It’s all going to be okay because of the sales volume”. At Right Move, we have an independent contractor agreement with very generous splits while having another program guaranteeing a salary, training, and very progressive bonuses. We have no interest in the revolving door of people coming and going. We are looking for a group of sales professionals that are prepared to be dedicated to a select number of repeat customers.

     In today’s global economy, many businesses run off of subscription selling. Everything from audiobooks to organic vegetables are being sold at a discounted rate because of volume and guaranteed business. We are very pleased to announce that we are bringing that platform to real estate!

     Builders, Flippers, Investors, Developers, we are prepared to take your advantage annual spend on commissions paid and cut it by 50% in exchange for a guaranteed monthly payment. Our team of young go-getters will help you find the deals, negotiate the purchase, use social media to record the progress, and ultimately secure the profits by marketing the properties better than anyone else! So, if you are a young agent or haven’t reached your potential where you are at or would like guaranteed income and training, give us a call!

     If you are a person doing a high number of transactions as a buyer or seller and you would like to have your own marketing center with significant savings, let us increase your profits and more importantly allow you access to all of the information at your fingertips!

     If you are interested in this unique and innovative opportunity, contact us so we can show you, based on your portfolio, what we can do for you!